10Pcs Wonder Patch Quick Slimming Belly Patch

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10Pcs Wonder Patch Quick Slimming Patch Belly Slim Patch Abdomen Fat burning Navel Stick Slimer Face Lift Tool

1. Detach film  and attach patch on appropriate part of your body

2. Press patch and hold your position (DO NOT MOVE) during 2~3 minutes

3. After 6~8 hours, please detach patches 


1. Remove moisture & any cosmetics from the surface that you want to attach patches

2. At your 1st usage, please use it for 4~6 hours and then prolong time to 8 hours maximum

3. If you want to use patch every day, please do not attach it at the same place that you used before.

At least your skin take a break for a day 

4. You can get any changes after 6 weeks with adjust meal & exercise

(!!!! The performance can be different individually !!!!) 

5. If you feel pain when you detach it from your body, you can use body cream

6. When you feel irritating & itching, do not scratch, reuse it 2~3 day later after cool massage